Sometimes it happens that I go out to shoot some pictures of an event, exhibition or randomly, and that the result is left imported on my computer. Only with some basic (Lightroom) editing or no editing at all.

Then much later I find the time to browse through those files in order to see what can be done with them. ‘Are they still interesting enough to show them to the public or have they become obsolete?’ is one of the questions that I would ask myself at that time.

Last year, it was in June that I went out to see the Chinese art exhibit ‘Den Haag onder de hemel’. There at the location of ‘Lange Voorhout’ I did shoot some of the artworks as well as inside the ‘Kloosterkerk’ which is located at ‘Lange Voorhout’.

This is one of the shots I made inside the ‘Kloosterkerk’. The nice thing about it is that it seems to combine two parts of the world and two cultures as well. It shows the western Christian tradition and the eastern Chinese tradition and philosophy. Here they are combined in one image as if they’re a representation of Yin and Yang. ‘We are all fortunate animals’ is the title of this artwork by Wenda Gu. Maybe this title brings these two back together as one. We are all part of a bigger whole. We all consist of the same energy within the Universe.Image

Artist: Wenda Gu (1955) Material: human hair and paper.